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Minion Show and Worship

[Pinned] Welcome to the Screenshot and Artwork section (Minion Show and Worship)

Like every other area on the forum rules are simple for this section. If you have any interesting or rare screenshots that you want to share to the community post em here. Along with screenshots, any artwork you have done can also be posted here...
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Minions Game Room

[Pinned] Welcome to the Game Room

You may talk about any games which you want to discuss about in this area. Whether it be your stuck on an area or want to find hidden objects in a certain game, feel free to ask or answer anything in this section.Have fun gaming minions!
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Minion Lunch Room

[Pinned] Welcome to the General Discussion (Minion Lunch Room)

As any other area of a forum that you have hopefully seen or socialized on, you can pretty much talk about everything and anything here. Let's just keep this area of the forum appropriate for all ages.Enjoy talking about random stuff!
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Introduce Yourself

[Pinned] Welcome to the Introduction Thread

In this thread you can simply introduce yourself to the other member of our gaming community. You can post whatever you would like in order for other to know more about you.What we recommend is posting you in-game name, steam name, ps3 name, etc ...
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Introduce Yourself


Hey I'm a member of The Video Game Minions and I am in the United States and I consider my self a beginner gamer. I enjoy playing games but I'm not so good lmao I do it because I love video games. GAMER TAGS:PS3 -- EastWing08STEAM -- EZKickBackGui...
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Minions Game Room

Flt: Faster Than Light

Hello guys wanted to talk about a indie game that is quite entertaining for the low price. You basicly controle your own ship with a start loadout with some crew and weapons, you will gather more weapon and crew threw missions as you go threw the ...
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